Environmentally Friendly Fine Art Paper

Hahnemühle Agave You may well have noticed that Streets has a new Fine Art paper to choose from in our Fine Art Range! From Hahnemühle's new Natural Line their Agave Fine Art paper has excellent colour reproduction, superb blacks and that rich, yet delicate texture similar to the Canson Edition Etching. Not only does it produce a beautiful print, but Hahnemühle's Agave is also here to give you a more sustainable choice when it comes to photographic printing - and here's why: This paper uses no optical brighteners or paper coatings. Agave is a perennial that can be [...]

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We are now 100% carbon neutral…

As of 2020 Streets is self-measuring and offsetting our whole carbon footprint. By doing so we are supporting a project that prevents deforestation in the Amazon Rainforest to be 100% carbon neutral. This project aims to protect forests in the Municipality of Lábrea, a region of the Amazon Biome with one of the highest rates of deforestation. Damage has been caused to ecosystems through the expansion of agriculture and cattle ranching and the close proximity to roads places the unique biodiversity under even greater pressure. The privately-owned land is under threat from professional land-grabbers and illegal occupation, requiring the Project [...]

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Postal Delay Update 27/08/20

We've received information from Australia Post regarding postal delays affecting a number of areas Australia wide due to the COVID-19 lockdowns in Victoria. Please read what they have to say below and keep this information in mind when calculating the turn around times of your orders, particularly those for Fathers Day gifts. Over the last three weeks, Australia Post has experienced a significant increase in demand as Victorians have increased their online buying due to stage 4 lockdowns. So much so, that our parcel volumes in Victoria for August are up approximately 150% year-on-year compared to the national [...]

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Kids Photo Competition

Entries are NOW OPEN for young photographers aged 4 - 12 years to submit one image into each of the following three categories for our Kids Photo Competition. Portrait   |    Nature    |    Abstract Each winner of the categories above will WIN A 12x18" CANVAS PRINT! How to enter:  Share your child's photos to your instagram or facebook account using the following hashtags for each different category. Include their name(or initials), age and title of the image in the accompanying text. Make sure the post is set to public. #streetskidscomp2020portrait #streetskidscomp2020nature #streetskidscomp2020abstract Entries will be closed at [...]

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Chromira 5X Prolab

It's time for us to introduce our brand new Chromira 5X Prolab! I'm sorry to those of you who were looking forward to seeing a lobster tank in our showroom from our last e-newsletter, but trust me, this is MUCH better! What is it? It is our brand new state-of-the-art, award winning, high-resolution RA4 printer. Impeccable colour matching as all your prints from 3x5” to 30" by 35 feet are produced on one machine! Amazing print quality and colour reproduction! This printer handles difficult images better than any other device we have seen! Faster turn around on wide format printing – now [...]

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Why print your photos?

The simple answer is, because you must. We take so many photos now, just think about the data. So many gigabytes of images sitting there in the cloud or on your hard drives. Different technologies can become obsolete, hard drives crash, phones get lost and it happens all the time. It's risky business and quite frankly viewing images on screen is not the nicest way to enjoy those precious memories. Printed images last for hundreds of years. The paper used for your distant relatives is the same paper we use today, but better! See our last [...]

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