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Photographic Lustre

This is our default paper type for package printing and for good reason! Kodaks professional grade Endura lustre stock is  more expensive, thicker, longer lasting and has better colour reproduction qualities than any other stock. Its surface is slightly textured – an excellent stock for prints that will be handled.

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Each package print is priced according to its final print size. e.g. an 8×12″ pack will be charged at the regular tiered pricing structure as an 8×12″ print.

You can view all of our product prices within the Streets Online Ordering Systems here.

Please note: There is a minimum order of $10 otherwise a $5.00 invoice charge applies.

Please note: Our daily cut off for orders is 10am. You will receive a text message when your order is ready for collection or emailed a tracking notification once your order is sent.

Lustre Prints

1 business day

Should you require products quicker than the standard turnaround (for example Metallic completed the same day), you may pay a 50% extra for priority service (call the lab for Rush Order service times. Please note these may vary).

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