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Mounted Photos

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Photographic Lustre

This is our default paper type and for good reason! Kodaks professional grade Endura lustre stock is  more expensive, thicker, longer lasting and has better colour reproduction qualities than any other stock. Its surface is slightly textured – an excellent stock for prints that will be handled.

Our sizes available for true photographic lustre paper ranges from 3×5″ up to 30″ by as long as you like.

Photographic Metallic

Our metallic paper is true photographic print with a distinctive, eye-catching, super glossy, metallic look. There is no better way to produce metallic prints than using silver halide and there is no better metallic paper than the Kodak Professional Endura Premier Metallic Paper.

With an increased colour gamut our metallic paper has stronger, brighter, more vibrant colours. For punchy, colourful images give this premium paper a try.

Our sizes available for true photographic metallic paper ranges from 8×12″ up to 30″ by as long as you like.

Photographic Gloss

Gloss is as glossy as it sounds – even glossier. Once upon a time all photographic prints were done on gloss until the scratch and finger print resistant Lustre paper was developed, these days gloss has a niche place in the photographic community.

We now only stock 12 inch rolls of gloss paper, gloss is available from 8×12″ up to 12×36″.

Please note: Our daily cut off for orders is 10am.

3mm Custom Wood & 5mm Foam Core

5 business days in lab

Should you require products quicker than the standard turnaround (for example Metallic completed the same day), you may pay a 50% extra for priority service (call the lab for Rush Order service times. Please note these may vary).

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