As of 2020 Streets is self-measuring and offsetting our whole carbon footprint. By doing so we are supporting a project that prevents deforestation in the Amazon Rainforest to be 100% carbon neutral. This project aims to protect forests in the Municipality of Lábrea, a region of the Amazon Biome with one of the highest rates of deforestation.

Damage has been caused to ecosystems through the expansion of agriculture and cattle ranching and the close proximity to roads places the unique biodiversity under even greater pressure.

The privately-owned land is under threat from professional land-grabbers and illegal occupation, requiring the Project Area to have improved surveillance for the forest to continue to be protected. Additional financial streams for land management will also be created under the project activities to protect the land from a plausible sale to private investors.

Avoided deforestation projects are critical. About 20 per cent of global warming is attributed to deforestation, which reduces the Earth’s capacity to absorb carbon dioxide. In doing our part to protect and conserve the environment, Streets Imaging will continue to measure, reduce and offset our organisational greenhouse gas emissions on an annual basis.

We can all do our part to help make a difference. Have you thought about making your business carbon neutral? We’ve got your printing already covered! Get in touch with the wonderfully helpful folks at Carbon Neutral and they will set you on your path to help protect our climate.

Supporting Carbon Neutral